Good News

Last week at Mass, the celebrant at Mass placed the Host in one of the altar servers' hands, even though she intended to receive on the tongue. Her hands were together in the standard prayerful position and he sort of just pushed Him to her hands forcing her to receive Him on her hand. The incident came up later on in class, and I mentioned how the priest may not deny her right to receive on the tongue. As a practical measure, I suggested she hold her hands behind her back if necessary, so the priest couldn't possibly put Christ on her hand. I didn't tell her to do this, just mentioned it as a possibility.

And what do you think happened today? She put her hands behind her back when preparing to receive her Lord.

I thought it was just absolutely charming. Looks odd, but if that's what you have to do to maintain your rights.

If I'm this crotchety now, I almost shudder to think of what I'll be like when I'm well over the hill.

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