New Huy update

On Tuesday, Huy had a tracheotomy. The procedure went well, but I understand the new situation (a trachea tube) is rather bothersome for him. He does, however, seem to be past the danger of imminent death. He is being weaned off the respirator. Please continue praying for his health.

Here is the latest update, from 31 October (written by a priest of our diocese):

In a bit of a surprise, Huy has come down with pneumonia in his left lung. The doctors feel like they caught it in time and are giving him a full dose of antibiotics. He had a fever of 104 degrees – but that has come down in the last day. Because of this set back I anointed Huy once again this afternoon.

On the positive side – yesterday Huy was off the respirator for four hours. Today he will be off the respirator and breathing on his own for two periods of four hours each. He continues to make slow progress. When off the respirator his breathing rate is high (45+ per minute). They would like to see it get below thirty – meaning he is taking deep breaths.

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