Dominic's Nine Ways of Prayer

I wasn't too excited by this reading; it talks about the different postures in prayer that St Dominic used. Yes, we should be free to assume different postures, but I'm not that excited. Maybe I'm too much of an old fogey.

I did have a few particularly interesting notes in this lecture, though:

First a reiteration: "Scriptures are the language of prayer--we need to commit them to memory, so that they can come to our mind during prayer; if we don't commit to memory, we are impeding God's normal way of reaching us/talking to us". So again: use the one week psalter! It's a good thing.

The telos of prayer is communion/relationship with God.

And a favourite point of mine: "Reading/study is not in competition with other areas of formation: because 1) study informs your pastoral work 2) study forms good human habits 3) study leads us into deep contemplation". Needless to say, I'm excited to have a class schedule again come autumn.

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