Metaphysics, part five

This class confirmed that reason can conceded the process of evolution all the way up to the appearance of humans. But the emergence of human beings requires an act of creation on God's part, because we have a spiritual soul which cannot arise from matter.

Each human soul is a new creation, direct and without mediation, by God. So for every human person who exists, God had to create their soul at their conception; God is directly involved in the beginning of every human life. So we know that there is no such thing as an unwanted child: God knows what he's doing, and he has to cooperate for a human to come into being.

Science has found out that most children die in the womb, even before they attach to the mother. So all of us probably have siblings we don't even know of, and I've found it can be very heartening to ask at Mass for their intercession.

The five properties that are characteristic of absolutely every being are that it 1) is one 2) acts 3) is intelligible 4) is good 5) is beautiful. Intelligibility, or truth, relates to our intellect; goodness relates to our will; and beauty relates to both our intellect and will.

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