Communion kneeling and on the tongue in Spain

In relation to this piece from the NLM, I present translations of the two Spanish pieces mentioned:

Applause for Cardinal Cañizares

I do not always agree with Cardinal
Cañizares. And when I don't, I say so. Although I've been angry, emphatically so, in many ways I find a very good bishop. And I also say:

He has just re-established the communion rail in the Cathedral of Toledo. Supporting the will of the Pope cannot be more clearly expressed. Although he hasn't said so with words, his gestures are eloquent. The Pope desires that we receive Communion kneeling and on the tongue.

Here there is no communion rail either;
Cañizares has put one in what is no longer his cathedral. Who will you imitate?

Communion Kneeling

Three Spanish cathedrals, during Holy Week, have facilitated reception of Communion kneeling, which pleases us. With them, we adhere to the practical catechesis of our Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI, in which he administers Communion kneeling and on the tongue in his Masses.

In the Cathedral of Malaga, as part of the Chrism Mass, the bishop,
don Jesús Esteban Catalá, administered Communion to the faithful, who were on a kneeler.

In the cathedral of Toledo, their apostolic administrator, Cardinal don Antonio Cañizares, has ordered the re-instatement of the communion rail.

And finally, in the cathedral of the armed forces in Madrid, last Sunday (Easter Sunday) a kneeler was put in place to administer Communion at the noon Mass. The principal decision-maker was Archbiship Castrense, who is in the midst of studying the possibility of restoring the old communion rail that had existed in the cathedral (which was a convent before becoming the cathedral of the armed forces).

Several readers have made the following reflections: A friend from Valencia noted that two of these bishops are Valencians. He didn't find it strange, because in the cathedral of Valencia the communion rails were never taken out. There have always been two communion rails there, at the centre, which each accomodate four or five persons. And indeed, in the cathedral of Valencia, many persons kneel at Communion.

Another friend, from Madrid, emphasizes that the communion rail is preferable to a kneeler. The faithful are kneeling and expect the "Sagrada Forma" in prayer, and the distribution becomes more rapid. The issue is that young priests learn to use the communion rail, as it is they who have to administer Communion.

Also, it gives us an explication of the privilege of using candles in the Mass to accompany the distribution of Communion. This would be a special concession to Spain for having brought the light of the Faith to the Americas.
The translations will be rough in places, and omit a phrase or two I didn't get, but they will give you the gist, and be a bit more smooth than google translate.

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