On Good Friday

I refrained from receiving Communion yesterday, at the celebration of the Passion. It was really quite freeing, as this year I didn't occupy myself wondering whyever do we receive on a day when there is no Mass? I hope this catches on, and that others choose to abstain on Good Friday, in keeping with our tradition up through 1955.

On the way to the (1500h) celebration, I turned the radio off in the car, to maintain penitance from 1200-1500. I'm considering using that as my Lenten penance next year. It is very austere, to someone for whom listening to the radio makes driving interesting, and indeed bearable for any notable amount of time. It would affect me (virtually) every day, and will grant me silence in which to consider, to meditate upon Lent in a way that cutting things from my diet does not.

On the way back, to be penitential but not quite so much as on the way there, I wouldn't allow myself All Things Considered, but listened instead to the Gregorian proper for the celebration, as well as a bit of Haydn's Seven Last Words of our Saviour on the Cross.

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