On Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday is one of my favourite Masses. It's the first Mass of Holy Week. We get to play with palm branches during Mass. And we get to stand for seemingly-ever, listening to the entire Passion for the Gospel.

Except for the parishes where the clergy are, ahem, lazy? I'll say. Being told that you may sit down for the Gospel reading is decidedly not inspiring. I am highly doubtful that it is licit. And yet, virtually everyone at the Mass I went to in the morning sat. Sat through the proclamation of the Gospel. Heaven forbid they should have to stand upright for 10 minutes. Persons have gone willingly to their deaths for the sake of the Gospel, but we can't stand up for 10 minutes. And there is wonder at why men aren't flooding the gates of seminaries. Being told he can sit down for the Gospel is not going to inspire boys to become holy priests.

But on the upside, Fr Servando didn't let us sit down. Naturally, the elderly/infirm may. But persons who are in good health and still working? We stand for the Gospel during Misa at St John the Baptist. This is part of our Catholic identity. Part of being Catholic is standing uncomfortably long for the Gospel on Palm Sunday. That is part of Palm Sunday. Let us reclaim our identity. Have the courage to stand for the Gospel, even when all others sit. Save the Liturgy, Save the World.

And now for the better of my Palm Crosses:

Remember, the palms are blessed. They may not be thrown away or discarded. To do so would be sacrilege. So, before Ash Wednesday next year, bring your priest your old palms so he can burn them. The ashes have to come from somewhere.


  1. We were instructed to sit at my parish.
    It bothers me.
    (But I am easily bothered.)
    I was in the loft, so it didn't require any particular fortitude to stay on my feet.

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)

  2. Yeah, you can prob'ly tell I'm easily bothered as well. I'm glad your situation was such that you were able to stand up.

    Thank you for the comment, and I hope you're finding the blog enjoyable.