17 Again

I went to see 17 Again today, and was pleasantly surprised.

First, it was a matinee. I paid barely more for two tickets than you normally do for one. I had forgotten what a good deal it is. I especially appreciated it because the last time I went to the movies, I had to pay more than I had expected at the old Longmont theatre that doesn't have stadium seating, and doesn't turn off all the lights completely. So annoying. But on to the main point.

17 Again was really a good movie. I expected it to be a throw-away comedy, but it was actually rather Christian in its world-view. It didn't admit the possibility of aborting a teenage pregnancy; it had an impassioned plea for abstinence-based sex-ed from a father's pov, and it encouraged young women to value themselves highly. Rather a lot from a movie the previews just said was about some guy re-living his high school life.

I would recommend seeing it; it's rather uplifting.

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