I managed to say Lauds according to the EF today, and it seems my only fault was omitting a Deo gratias. I'm surprised at how easily it's coming. The bilingual BR is really helping. I got to celebrate St Monica. The collect was really beautiful:
You are the consolation of the afflicted, Lord, and the salvation of those who trust in You. In Your mercy You received favorably the motherly tears of St. Monica as she wept for the conversion of her son, Augustine. At the intercession of both of them, give us the grace to weep for our sins and to obtain Your forgiveness. Per Dominum....
The current translation of her OF collect is:
God of mercy, comfort of those in sorrow, the tears of Saint Monica moved you to convert her son Saint Augustine to the faith of Christ. By their prayers, help us to turn from our sins and to find your loving forgiveness. Per Dominum...
The OF collect is actually better than I remembered it as I read the EF, but it still pales in comparison. "The tears of St Monica" is not as moving as "she wept for the conversion of her son". "Give us the grace to weep for our sins" could never be accused of Pelagianism, as could "help us to turn from our sins". Obtaining God's forgiveness is deliberate, an act of his will. Finding it makes it sound as though his forgiveness is something we chance upon. The OF just isn't strong enough. The example is a weakly version of the EF collect.

I may end up attached to the FSSP before long. I really like saying the Office in the EF. I am obviously using an English translation. The edition is from 1964, and by The Liturgical Press, in Collegeville. I assume it's licit to say parts of the Office in the vernacular; there were plenty of instructions to this effect through the 60s, before the LH was realized. I say the ordinary in Latin, but the movable parts in English.

And I won't say all three little hours, nor Prime. It is my understanding that diocesan priests using the BR to fulfil their obligation would not have to. If I'm wrong (on this count or the vernacular) please correct me.

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