Marian Conference in South Carolina

If you're in the South, please consider attending the Greenville Marian Conference. It will include Mass, devotions, confession, and Adoration. It's 26 and 27 June in Greenville, quite north in South Carolina. It is affiliated with a wonderful parish which from what I know of it I would characterize as reform-of-the-reform. Mass will be celebrated by the newly-installed bishop of Charleston, Bp Guglielmone. Talks will be given by, among others, Marcus Grodi (who has a great show with converts on EWTN); Fr Dwight Longenecker (of Standing on my Head); and Fr Benedict Groschel (an awesome Franciscan, founder of the CFRs).

Catholics, go to get closer to your Mom. Southern Baptists, go to learn what Catholics really believe about Mary.

My endorsement: if I had more money/were closer to SC, I'd be there!

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