Roman Martyrology

Apparantly, tomorrow is Aaron's dies natali:

"In monte Hor depositio sancti Aaron, primi ex ordine Levitico Sacerdotis."

On Mount Horeb, burial of holy Aaron, the first ordained Levitical Priest.


  1. Carl,

    I hope you are still managing to keep up with the traditional Office. Are you more comfortable with Matins now? Matins definitely takes some work (and time!) but is well worth the effort.

    Do you happen to be reciting the Martyrology at Prime? If you ever have any problems with the Martyrology, I have included it on the website in the hour of Prime and as a "stand alone" section. It is according to the 1961 rubrics along with everything else. There were quite a few changes to the Martyrology at that time, mainly due to many Octaves and so forth dropping off the calendar. However, there were some other calendrical changes which also changed the Martyrology.

  2. Hey Daniel,

    Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. I am keeping up with it yes. Yeah, I've gotten used to Matins. Once you explained it to me and after a few days of doing it, it started flowing nicely.

    I do recite the Martyrology at Prime, most days. I recite it off of your site. Did I translate this entry correctly? My comprehension of Latin is decent but far from masterful. One thing I was curious about, you include a Deo gratias as a response after reading it, before the Pretiosa in conspectu... This doesn't appear in the Ordinary that I'm using. How do you know this is to be done?

  3. I was able to find a Martyrology which included the rubrics at one point. I do not think I have it anymore as it might have come from a library. I will look around to see if I can find it and post the relevant portions if I am able.

  4. I'll see if the library at our seminary has a 62 Martyrology as well. I'll be down there on Friday.