Prayer for priests

Here is a translation, as I couldn't find an English version, of a prayer for the sanctification of priests by Pius XII, from La Buhardilla:

Oh Jesus, Eternal Priest, Good Shepherd, Fount of Life, who by the singular generosity of thy most sweet Heart, has given us our priests so that we may fully, in plenitude, comply with the designs of sanctification that your grace inspires in our souls, we beseech you: come and help us with the assistance of your mercy.

Be there, oh Jesus, living faith in their actions, unwavering hope in their tests, ardent charity in their purposes. May your word, ray of eternal Wisdom, be, by constant meditation, the daily food of his interior life; that the example of your life and Passion may be renewed in his conduct and his sufferings for our education, and alleviation and support in our sorrows.

Concede, oh Lord, detachment from all earthly interests and that they seek only your greater glory. Concede that they be faithful to their obligations with a pure conscience until the last breath. And when with death the body enters in your hands having completed the task well, give them, Jesus, who was their Master on the earth, the eternal recompense: the crown of justice in the splendour of the saints. Amen.

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